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How to uninstall Microsoft Office Setup ?

Once in a while Microsoft Office Setup  just won't work subsequent to refreshing your framework. It was an issue in Windows 8, and it gives the idea that a few clients are confronting a similar issue in Windows 10 Technical Preview and Windows 10 for the overall population, as well.

How would I uninstall Microsoft Office? 

  1. Use Control Panel 

  1. Use Fix It 

  1. Physically uninstall Office 

Arrangement 1: Uninstall Office from Control Panel 

You can generally attempt to uninstall it through Windows' Programs and Features device in Control Panel. You can discover how to appropriately utilize it in our article about erasing programs in Windows 10. 

Yet, a great deal of clients detailed that they were not able to uninstall Microsoft Office with this strategy, so we need to discover another answer for this issue. 

We prescribe you to supplant Microsoft Office on the off chance that you can't land to utilize it appropriately. 

An extraordinary apparatus that could carry out its responsibility is WPS Office. It works extraordinary even on tablets and has a few highlights that aren't accessible even on Microsoft Office.

Probably the best element is selecting. You can without much of a stretch open numerous archives and explore through them like utilizing a program. WPS Office additionally arrives in a free form that you can attempt.

Uninstall Office manually

On the off chance that the Office uninstall apparatus doesn't totally uninstall Office from your PC, you can physically uninstall Office.

And you can visit:

Arrangement 2: Uninstall Office with Fix It 

Fortunately Microsoft knows about this issue with Microsoft Office, so the organization discharged a Fix It device which totally expels Microsoft Office from your PC. 

This is what you have to do to download fixer and totally erase Microsoft Office from your framework: 

Close all Microsoft Office programs 

Download Microsoft Fix It from this connection and run it 

The Troubleshooting Wizard will inquire as to whether you need to apply the fix, or skip it, click on Apply this fix 

Hold up a couple of minutes, and the troubleshooter will totally expel Microsoft Office from your PC 

Arrangement 3: Uninstall Office physically 

On the off chance that the two strategies recorded above didn't work, you can attempt to uninstall Office physically. To do this: 

Find the Microsoft Office Com Setup establishment envelope (which ought to be put away in C:Program Files). 

Presently, just right-click on the Microsoft Office envelope > select Delete. 

As we stated, you can likewise physically erase Microsoft Office from your PC. 

In any case, you must be noticed that manual uninstalling Office from your PC is a long and complex procedure, which could make harm your framework if some progression is performed inaccurately. 

You can peruse how to physically uninstall Microsoft Office in this current Microsoft's article.

That is all, in the wake of playing out this investigate, you won't have Microsoft introduced on your PC any longer. Also, you'll have the option to introduce it again with no issues, or don't introduce it by any stretch of the imagination, and utilize some other office programming, the decision is yours.

And Learn, how to uninstall software for Windows and Mac OS PC/Laptop

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